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Author: H.A. Padmini
Publisher: Rupa Publications India (20-Jul-19)
Edition: 20-Jul-19
ISBN-13: 9789353335472
Publishing year: Rupa Publications India
No of pages: 232
Weight: 227g
Language: English
Book binding: Paperback

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H.A. Padmini is a software professional dabbling with writing after her stint at I nfosys. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Padmini is an alumnus of Osmania University College of Engineering. Keenly interested in writing since childhood, she has published quizzes, articles and stories. Padmini enjoys writing for children. A collection of her short stories for children titled Tales of Anantha Bhargava Somayaji has been recently published. This is her debut novel. Padmini loves watching films, travelling and reading. Mythology and ancient lore are her passions. Currently she is reading up for her next book that is also based on mythology. Padmini resides in Bengaluru with her parents. She welcomes feedback and discussions on her work at [email protected]

Every person deviates from the path of righteousness in his lifetime, and for all these sins big or small, he has to pay?either during his present life or in some future rebirth. So, also, are his good deeds harvested. The cycle of Karma continues inexorably, far beyond our understanding? This book takes us beyond the familiar reading of the great epic, moving away from a chronological recounting of events, to focus on the greater scheme of things by which each of these incidents is linked in a causal relationship, and therefore, had to happen exactly the way they did. The story of Mahabharata unravels over aeons, spanning heaven, earth and hell; intricately weaving gods and demons, sages and humans, birth and rebirth all into one majestic tapestry through the law of Karma?whereby every action reaps its fruit at some point in time, no matter who the doer is. Erring gods are cursed by human sages, great demons earn boons from gods, ordinary folk earn blessings or curses, and gods take birth as humans when so ordained! Mahabharata and the Marvellous Cycle of Boons, Curses and Vows explores the complexity of the greatest epic of all time, and takes the reader far beyond the story of the Kurukshetra war.